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Personal Energetic Trainer (PET) Model: Stress (Gray)

Personal Energetic Trainer (PET) Model: Stress (Gray)

  • $ 14995

The Stress Personal Energetic Trainer was invented by Dr. Alan Back to assist in removal of stress that we accumulate throughout our modern, hectic day. It is designed to help remove the worry and mental turmoil from our daily routines and helps to repel those negative energies that are the cause of the majority of stress on our systems. Some users report that they feel "almost 10 feet tall and bullet proof" and that using the PET has given them a higher level of positive self-confidence that is unmatched in anything they have tried previously.

Directions: Carry in pocket or place under pillow or bed at night. Effective range is about 3 feet.

Size: 2" x 1.25" x 0.5"

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