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2022 GB-4000, SR-4, Travel Case COMBO - Outputs all of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used in his original Rife Machine and Rife Machines

  • $ 2,52000

Outputs all of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used in his original Rife Machine and Rife Machines.

Includes Latest 2022 Hardware and Software/Firmware Updates

GB-4000 Frequency Generator & SR-4 Amplifier

Includes Our Exclusive "Red-Latch" Travel Case

Includes All These Factory Accessories

This 2022 GB-4000 and SR-4 Travel Case COMBO features maximum RF power capability, is feature-rich, and super easy to use - the SR-4 Amplifier connects easily to the GB-4000 Frequency Generator using a BNC cable (included) and boosts the RF output of the GB-4000 from 3.7 watts power up to 15 watts power.

The 2022 Travel Case COMBO includes the latest hardware and software/firmware revisions (we always sell only the latest models), 3 auto switching 120/240 volt power supplies, and our Exclusive High Quality Deluxe "Red-Latch" Travel Case.

We also provide FREE Technical Support, and both the GB-4000 and SR-4 have a two-year Manufacturer's Warranty. 7" H x 21" L x 16" W. (Shipping weight: 15 lbs. Shipping size: 8" H x 22" L x 18" W). Equipment may be returned within 30 days from date of purchase less a 20% re-stocking fee and the cost of original insured shipping.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to government regulations, GB-4000 Packages do not include Stainless Steel Cylinders, Stainless Steel Plates, Cotton Covers, or the New Universal Sideband Frequency List. Those items are part of an "Accessory Kit" and can be purchased separately from another company for about $135 plus S&H. When you purchase a GB-4000 Package from us, we will email you the contact information where you can purchase the Accessory Kit.

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