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2020 GB-4000 & SR-4 International Package! Includes Crystal Generators! FREE Insured DHL Shipping Worldwide!

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Outputs all of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used in his original Rife Machine and Rife Machines.

FREE International Shipping!
International Power Adapters Included!
Works in Every Country!

This 2020 GB-4000, SR-4, and Crystal Generators Super Discount International Worldwide Package features maximum RF power capability, is feature-rich, and super easy to use - the SR-4 Amplifier connects easily to the GB-4000 using a BNC cable (included) and boosts the RF output of the GB-4000 from 2 watts up to 15 watts power.

Crystal Generators Included!

This Super Discount International Worldwide Package includes the latest software/firmware revisions (we always sell only the latest models), and three 120 Volt and 240 Volt auto-switching power supplies.

We also provide FREE Technical Support, and both the GB-4000 and SR-4 have a two-year Manufacturer's Warranty. 4.25" H x 20" L x 8" W. (Shipping weight: 10 lbs, Shipping size: 16" H x 13" L x 12" W)

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Included Accessories:

Technical Specifications:

  • Stand Alone Frequency Generator: Unlike some generators on the market today, the GB-4000 was designed to be a simple to use, easy to operate, stand-alone frequency generator requiring no complicated computer interface to use all of its features. Computer operated generators generally work well but many people do not feel comfortable having to use a computer to operate all of a frequency generator's options. Our customers appreciate that they are not required to have a computer to operate any of our instrument's capabilities. The computer software for programming frequencies into the GB-4000 is an option, not a necessity. Its software was designed specifically not to be a hard to use computer interface. But it is for programming channels with frequencies and restoring any lost programmed channels that may be accidentally deleted by the user.
  • New 2019 Software Revision D8 allows frequency selection to 1/100th of a Hz!
  • New 3.1 MHz Carrier frequency
  • Mute Feature: Allows you to mute the beeper if you choose
  • Skip Feature: Allows you to skip any frequency group or frequency in any channel
  • Save Gating Feature: Allows you to save, in any channel, that the gating is turned ON whenever that channel is used
  • Variable Channel Sweep Feature: Allows you to now vary the frequency range of all frequencies in any channel from 10 to 1000 Hz
  • Programmable channels: 2000
  • Channel capability: 48 frequencies in sequence or 8 groups capable of holding 8 frequencies each
  • Computer software: GB-4000 programmable software included
  • Outputs: Four - 2 red and 2 black
  • Power output: Variable up to 3.7 watts
  • Voltage output in audio mode: 40 volts peak to peak
  • Voltage output in RF mode: Over 110 volts peak to peak making it over 9 times more powerful than most standard frequency generators
  • Frequency range: 0.01 to 20 million Hz
  • Frequency output: Digitally accurate frequencies converted to analog using a DAC
  • Output multiple frequencies: Up to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously to 40,000 Hz
  • Eight audio frequency range: 0.01 to 40,000 Hz
  • Output RF multiple frequencies: Two
  • Two RF frequency range: Up to 20 million Hz
  • Wave forms: Square and Sine wave. Square wave to 150,000 Hertz. Sine to 20,000,000 Hz
  • Duty cycle capability: 10% to 90% square wave duty cycle
  • Gating or pulsing range: 5 - 2200 Hz
  • Gating duty cycle range: 10% - 90%
  • Carrier wave frequency: Now with new 3.1 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) capable of producing harmonic sidebands like the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's equipment
  • Carrier wave on and off capability: Carrier wave can be turned off so the user can operate it as a standard audio frequency generator
  • Channel sweep: Variable - 5 Hz to 1000 Hz + and - of the target frequency or frequencies in all 2000 channels
  • Standard sweep: 0.01 to 20 million Hz
  • Converge sweeps: Two frequencies
  • L.E.D: RF indicator light confirms RF output
  • Display: LCD
  • AC adapters: 3 switching 120/240 volt power supplies for worldwide use
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty and FREE Technical Support
  • Equipment may be returned within 30 days from date of purchase less a 20% re-stocking fee and the cost of original and return insured shipping.

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