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SALE! Crystal Generators (Crystal Harmonizers) - Must Be Purchased with Any GB-4000 & SR-4 Package to get this sale price. All other orders will be cancelled.

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New Improved 2018 Crystal Generators (sometimes known as Crystal Harmonizers) for the GB-4000, Rife Machines, Frequency Generators, and many other Electrotherapy Devices, ours Exclusive!

Our new improved Crystal Generators are now larger and feature a more complete variety of crystals and minerals including shungite. Also, these new models feature a stronger, upgraded saline solution as well as a 3-inch pure .9999 silver wire electrode which extends down the center of the glass generator tube. This pure silver wire gives the Crystal Generators much greater energy transmission capability.

Our conductive, more powerful saline solution has been enhanced with an upgraded, proprietary blend of purified water, mineral salts, electrically isolated silver (EIS), and lithium. For maximum energy, we have also added our very rare, high power magnetite which is a special blend found only in the remote desert near Tucson, Arizona.

Our Crystal Generators easily connect to most current frequency generators (GB-4000, BCX Ultra, F-165, Energy Wellness, Astro-Pulse, etc) using a standard 4 mm banana plug. The banana plug wire is not included and should have been included as part of your original frequency generator package purchase.

Theory: The Crystal Generators are a new technology that is currently very popular with users of frequency generators, "Rife Machines", and many electro-therapy devices. The idea is that when the energy from the frequency instrument such as the GB-4000 is transmitted into the conductive saline/silver solution, the electro-magnetic energy reacts with all of the different crystals and minerals in the Crystal Generators. That pulse of electro-magnetic energy reacting with the crystals and minerals causes a release of beneficial frequency energy rich in harmonics. These special frequencies are extremely rich in harmonics due to the fact that every different crystal, mineral, or stone in the Crystal Generators creates it's own unique harmonic frequencies when energized.

The charge distribution matrix within the quartz crystals and minerals is symmetric and the net electrical potential is zero. The quartz crystals and minerals, when activated by a GB-4000 or other frequency generators, delivers no electrical charge, but instead, delivers a sound wave compatible with the wellness needs of the cells. There is neither an electric field nor a magnetic field associated with sound or ultrasound oscillations, vibrations, or waves. This delivery system allows all cells to receive signals that activate their own blueprint frequencies.

Sound as a healing modality orchestrates the synergistic frequencies that balance organs, glands, and groups of cells bringing them into perfect attunement and coherence. Crystals, as natural piezo-electric oscillators, convert Frequency Generator frequencies into multiple sound signals that cause sympathetic blueprint resonance. Crystal Generators provide an expanded frequency delivery system to cells of the research subject. The body has an internal wisdom which has a normal response toward health and healing when the body is provided the means. The body evidently knows how to heal itself, and when given the appropriate blueprint frequencies, these regenerative patterns serve both as a pacemaker and a cellular reminder of the original blueprint frequency response.

These kinds of harmonic frequencies are unavailable in any other frequency generator's mode of operational output and are unique to the Crystal Generators. These side-band harmonics are considered to be very advantageous to the bio-electric energy system of the body. As the subject holds the Crystal Generators in their hands and runs their program of choice on their frequency generator, the spectrum of rich harmonic frequencies is transmitted and delivered to the energy field of their body with beneficially valuable and health-enhancing results.

The Crystal Generators are a new and novel way to add increased capability and functionality to most any frequency generator by adding an additional method of applying frequencies rich in side-band harmonics to the bio-electric energy system of the body.

Our new, more powerful, improved Crystal Generators are now larger (2X the size of previous models) and fit the hands much better. The dimensions are:

6.25 inches long by .96 inch diameter or 16 centimeters long by 2.4 centimeters wide.

Sold as a pair (set of 2). Made in the USA with high quality parts and materials!

GB-4000 Frequency Generator not included (shown for demonstration purposes only).

Note: Style of banana jack connectors and color of sealant tape will vary based on availability of parts and materials. Please handle the Crystal Generators carefully as the tubes are made of glass and will break if dropped or hit against hard surfaces.

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