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GREEN8 EMF Clearing Card

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GREEN8 EMF Clearing Card - De-Radiation for Perfect Body Energy

Our bodies are exposed to and absorb high levels of electromagnetic radiation throughout the day. In ancient times when people walked barefoot and were touching or connected (grounded) to the earth, these excessive levels of negative energy were able to be dispersed. Today, with the type of foot ware that most people wear, they are never grounded to the earth to disperse that excessive energy.
The GREEN8 EMF Clearing Card is most useful for practitioners, therapists, and health care professionals who use the Card to de-radiate and discharge excessive negative energy before running tests or beginning and type of therapy. This results in more accurate testing methods including applied kinesiology and muscle testing.

The GREEN8 EMF Clearing Card is the gentle way to discharge the excessive energy that the body has accumulated. It measures 3.4" (85 mm) x 2.2" (55 mm).

Superior German Technology: the GREEN8 EMF Clearing Card is the first high-tech product that offers an effective way to clear and discharge excessive radiation.

Easy-to-use: Look at the picture several times for at least 3 to 5 minutes and then hold the EMF Clearing Card with the COLOR side down over the solar plexus area for about five minutes.

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