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GREEN 8 Home and Office Harmonizer 1-Pack

  • $ 10800

In order to neutralize electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress zones in potentially more severely affected areas such as around the bed, desk or couch, we recommend the GREEN 8 GOLD Home & Office Harmonizer.

The GREEN 8 GOLD Home & Office Harmonizer neutralizes electromagnetic radiation as well as geopathic stress zones from Earth radiation, water veins, Curry grids, etc. This product is ideal as a demand switch in the electrical panel and also well-suited as radiation protection from smart meters (digital electric meters) that are more frequently used today.

Green8 Home and Office Harmonizer


Place the GREEN 8 GOLD Home & Office Harmonizer in areas that are directly exposed to electromagnetic or geopathic radiation; for example, under the desk or on the under-desk storage cart, under the bed, couch or chair. In case of geopathic stress zones we usually recommend the use of 2 GREEN 8 GOLD units.

Scope of Applications

Computer work station, TV, monitor, electrical cabinet. For Earth radiation, water veins, faults, Curry grids, Hartmann grids etc. – place the GREEN 8 GOLDi n directly affected areas.


The GREEN 8 GOLD Home & Office Harmonizer has as a range of 4 - 5 meters. All of our products are imprinted and programmed using a special proprietary procedure.

Their effectiveness cannot be revealed with physical measuring methods, similar to other internationally recognized therapy approaches such as acupuncture or homeopathy. However, tests to measure direct body reactions, such as the bio resonance method or kinesiologic tests, clearly reveal the protective action of the GREEN 8® technology.

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