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Acu-Spark Piezo Stimulator REPAIR

Acu-Spark Piezo Stimulator REPAIR

  • $ 7950

This listing is for an Acu-Spark REPAIR. Just send us your existing Acu-Spark and we will repair or replace as necessary to restore normal operation. Acu-Spark NOT INCLUDED.

Well made - quality stainless steel USA construction.

The most popular use of the Acu-Spark 3.0 is to experiment with the effects of piezoelectric energy, meridian therapy, acupuncture therapy, and pain relief.

Our Acu-Spark 3.0 has brushed stainless steel fingergrips and a high quality brushed stainless steel body (not aluminum or plastic, very important, exclusively ours).

To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the Acu-Spark 3.0 , always allow an interval of at least 2-3 seconds of time between "clicks".

Includes a 60-Day Warranty.

  In Stock - Available for Immediate Shipment - FREE Shipping in the USA!

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