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QuantumSensonics Black Box Bi-Directional Energy Field Instrument

  • $ 63000

Breakthrough quantum entanglement, non-local, bi-directional energy field transceiver.

Easily send healthy and energizing frequency patterns to remote subjects using their DNA sample.

The QuantumSensonics Black Box incorporates the latest experimental technology including Quantum Entanglement, Non-Local Quantum Communication, Sub-Space Multi-Particle Entanglement over large distances, and the ground-breaking "Pi-Ray" work by Christopher Hills.

Plug the QuantumSensonics Black Box into your instrument using the attached 3.5 mm stereo plug (an adapter may be necessary for your specific instrument or device).

The QuantumSensonics Black Box works with a variety of devices including, but not limited to, GB-4000 Frequency Generator, ABPA Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer, F-165, PC or Mac Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and most Frequency Generators.

To use, connect the QuantumSensonics Black Box to your device, then place a DNA sample (saliva, fingernail clipping, hair, etc.) into a small paper or plastic bag or envelope which is then placed on the Transceiver Platform Plate. Then using your device, run your chosen software program or frequency patterns.

Well-made in the USA.

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