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Tesseract Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate

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This is the 2016 Tesseract Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate which is ideal for use with a variety of frequency generators, radionic machines and other energy devices. This is also a "stand-alone" energy focusing plate that may be used by placing on energy points of the body to focus energy. It can also be use for "charging" a variety of substances such as water, liquids, vitamins, supplements and other items by placing them on the Tesseract Plate for a period of time (generally 30 to 60 minutes).

Wires not included but easily connects to most RF instruments with standard banana plug wires (such as the red wires included with the GB-4000). Includes instructions for standard connection set-ups. Ours exclusive!

Gold Tracings

Stand alone

12 Divisions on 1 Layer

Medium-sized: Diameter 4.75" (122 mm)


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