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2018 AcuTrigger 2.0 Experimental Piezo Stimulator for Meridian Therapy and Pain Relief

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The AcuTrigger is the number one meridian therapy and pain relief device used by chiropractors and health care practitioners worldwide for over 20 years. The AcuTrigger is the favorite instrument of practitioners and health care professionals for pain relief, acupuncture, and meridian therapy. One of the most popular uses of the AcuTrigger is to soothe bug bites with a quick click. The AcuTrigger utilizes gentle pressure and painless, low-level electrical current to minimize itching from mosquito or other insect bites. Simply press and click the device on skin around the bite area. Reduces swelling and the desire to scratch.

Well made - quality stainless steel USA construction.

The most popular use of the AcuTrigger 2.0 is to experiment with the effects of piezoelectric energy, meridian therapy, acupuncture therapy, and pain relief.

Our AcuTrigger 2.0 has polished stainless steel fingergrips and a high quality stainless steel body (not aluminum, very important, exclusively ours).

To ensure effectiveness and longevity of the AcuTrigger 2.0 , always allow an interval of at least 2-3 seconds of time between "clicks".

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