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2024 M.O.P.A. Master Oscillator Power Amplifier for the GB-4000 (240-Volt International Version) - Outputs all of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used in his original Rife Machine and Rife Machines

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220/240-Volt Version (International)

The 220/240-Volt International M.O.P.A. includes an extra 812a vacuum tube, 2 total. The 812a is the internal tube required for the M.O.P.A. operation.

Outputs all of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used in his original Rife Machine and Rife Machines.

The 2024 (Latest Model) M.O.P.A. (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) is an authentic replica of Dr. Rife's 1930's-1950's paragon broadcast amplifier. The 2024 M.O.P.A. version is connected to a GB-4000 Frequency Generator to obtain maximum RF (Radio Frequency) power capability - using the plasma tube radiant method of outputting frequencies. Specially modified to work in counties that use 220/240-Volt power.

The M.O.P.A. is the top-of-the-line plasma tube amplifier capable of 207 watt RF power output. The M.O.P.A. is professionally built and tested for quality assurance. Unique features of the M.O.P.A. include proven solid-state and vacuum tube technology, built-in frequency counter, and variable RF carrier frequency range of 2.1 MHz to about 3.6 MHz.

Over 30 Feet Effective Range!

We include the latest 2024 hardware updates and either a 120 volt or 240 volt internal power supply (please specify voltage for your country). We also provide FREE Technical Support, and the M.O.P.A. has a two-year Manufacturer's Warranty. 10" H x 17" L x 10.5" W. (Shipping weight: 24 lbs., Shipping size: 16" H x 24" L x 14" W). Equipment may be returned within 30 days from date of purchase less a 20% re-stocking fee and the cost of original insured shipping.

Note: The Plasma Tube Assembly which is used with the M.O.P.A. is not included, but is available to purchase for $350 plus S&H from another company. We will provide you with the contact information where you can purchase the Plasma Tube Assembly at the time you place your M.O.P.A. order. GB-4000 Frequency Generator NOT included.

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