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GREEN8 Body Harmonizer Premium Pendant

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GREEN8 Body Harmonizer Premium - Strengthens and Protects

The GREEN8 Body Harmonizer Premium is an energized steel pendant/chip that builds up and enhances your bodies energy field and creates a protective zone against electromagnetic radiation.

The GREEN8 Body Harmonizer Premium is charged and energized using the latest in leading-edge German EMR research technology. It measures 7/8" (23 mm) in diameter.

- Neutralizes and harmonizes electromagnetic radiation
- Easy to use - lasting effect
- No discomfort, or feelings of stress or fatigue
- Reliable relief and relaxation based on our customers' feedback

Our customers confirm that their energy seems more calm, refreshed, and balanced. Wearing the GREEN8 Body Harmonizer Premium activates and intensifies the EMF protection. The longer you wear it, the stronger your bio-electric energy field becomes.

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