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NeuroTrek Digital Quantum Pro 2019 Mind Machine

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The 2019 NeuroTrek Digital Quantum Pro is an electronic relaxation system and much more! Micro-current energy pulses appear to have a profound balancing effect on the individual and tend to produce a state of over-all relaxation and well being. State of the Art CES delivers micro current pulsed stimulation to the earlobes for improved mood, sleep, alertness, meditation, and more. Use as a TENS device for aches and pains as well as zapping.

The premier device developed for the 21st century, with a host of digitally programmable features and functions far beyond any device on the market today. Achieve total brain state management in just minutes! Generates a wide range of resonant brain frequencies, which modulate a variable frequency pulse from 80 Hz to 999 Hz.

You can literally dial up any of the known brain states (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) within minutes. Not only does it generate Endorphins, but induces the formations of new neural pathways and connections due to the unique functional effect of micro-currents on biological systems.

The 2019 NeuroTrek Digital Quantum Pro allows the advanced researcher extreme variability in safe, reliable experimental protocols allowing a wide variation in experience, achieving maximum developmental results in a timely manner.

Unlike other devices on the market which only have limited settings or capabilities, the NeuroTrek Digital Pro allows the serious researcher to explore far beyond the simple CES devices available in the past.

Reusable ear-clip electrodes provide cranial stimulation while the adhesive body pads transmit the micro current stimulation to any desired area comfortably and effectively for TENS applications.


  • Digital control unit (5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5")
  • 1 Electrode cable
  • 1 pair of ear-clip electrodes with 7 pairs of replaceable felt pads
  • 5 stick-on electrodes for TENS, zapping, etc.
  • 9 volt battery
  • Plastic 1 oz. bottle and salt
  • Instruction and user manual
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty


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