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Quantum Bio-Meter - New for 2021!

  • $ 36000

Our newly developed Quantum Bio-Meter is now available following several years of research and development. Over the years, our customers have asked us for a simple, effective, and inexpensive device to measure the electrical voltage and level of general vitality and energy of the body.

With the millions of chemical processes that the body is involved in every day, it is important to have a high electrical charge in the cells. Current research indicates that the body cannot heal without adequate voltage. The Quantum Bio-Meter was designed and developed to give everyone the opportunity to obtain a general energy reading quickly and easily.

Dr. Otto Warburg (M.D. and chemist) was a Nobel prize winner in 1931. He researched cellular metabolism and cellular respiration and found that healthy cells have an approximate electrical charge of 70 mV (millivolts), aged cells of 50 mV, and cancerous cells of 15 mV.

Nicola Tesla stated that "Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world."

Our new 2021 Quantum Bio-Meter is beautifully constructed of quality materials and in strict accordance with the latest research by using dissimilar metals for the two oval sensor plates. The facings on the left sensor plate are a layering of copper, stainless steel and tin; the facings on the right sensor plate are copper. The combination of copper, stainless steel, and tin have been found to give the most accurate indication of energy and general vitality.

The Quantum Bio-Meter operates on a 9-volt battery (included) which lasts for weeks depending on usage.

With the new 2021 Quantum Bio-Meter, all of us now have the capability to measure and monitor general energy and voltage levels. Practitioners and holistic clinics around the world have asked for years for just such an instrument. Now the Quantum Bio-Meter puts this advanced technology in the hands of everyone.

The uses are many! To get started, you can check energy . . .

  • At various times of the day

  • At bedtime and upon waking in the morning

  • Before and after meals, walks, exercise, and drinking various kinds of water

  • Before and after various health protocols and treatments

  • Of foods, eating the highest energy foods that have the highest mV reading

  • Before and after breathing exercises, meditation, and prayer

  • To see how various brain wave patterns affect energy

  • Before and after listening to various kinds of music

Our Quantum Bio-Meter has been designed in the Golden Section Ratio (7-3/8" by 4-9/16"). The approximate range of the meter, as indicated by the digital readout, is between 0 mV and 100 mV.

To use, simply grasp the Quantum Bio-Meter with your thumbs and index fingers as shown in the top photograph (there are metal sensor plates on both the front face and back face of the Quantum Bio-Meter). Move the toggle switch to "on" and wait about 30 seconds for the digital readout to stabilize.

For the most accurate readings, make sure the fingers are clean, slightly moist, and free of lotion, oil, and grease. It is helpful to keep a log or journal of readings at various times and under various conditions. Today, we are fortunate to know that everything in the universe is energetic. And now, technology is available to all of us to personally monitor the dynamics of these invisible energies.

The Quantum Bio-Meter Package includes the Quantum Bio-Meter, 9-volt Battery (except international orders), General Guidelines for Use, and FREE Shipping & Handling in the USA.


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