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QuantumPulse Biofield Enhancer - Replaces the Older ABPA PET Devices

  • $ 19500

The 2024 QuantumPulse generates harmonious frequencies within the range of the earth-resonant Schuman Frequency. (The Schuman field is the earth's electromagnetic frequency spectrum in which animals and humans are meant to be energetic, thrive, and heal.) Although the Schuman Frequency may vary slightly through the passing of long periods of time, the QuantumPulse generates harmonious frequencies in this range through the dual Golden Ratio antennas inside.

These dual antennas have been designed to create a sub-carrier field which in turn creates a sympathetic vibratory resonance which causes animals and humans to build a resistance or shield against harmful EMFs. The EMFs are always different than the Schuman Frequency, and therefore potentially harmful because of they are not harmonious with the Schuman Frequency range.


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The QuantumPulse Environmental Harmonizer from on Vimeo.

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