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ABPA A2 & ABPA AM3 Matrix Advance BioPhoton Products

These are the instruments that make antidotes, copy and clone substances, and then transmit those energy patterns to any subject regardless of distance. They can make self-tuned, custom isopathic (light-based) remedies in less than 40 seconds with a range of 0-cmm using intelligent auto-potency software, and are the only instruments of their kind that incorporate safety codes both in the software and in the isopathic media.

The ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Systems are legendary for their ability to produce exceptional results for practitioners, especially NAET, and end users dealing with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

The AM3 Matrix and A2 Systems are advanced subtle energy instruments which are very easy to use - just set a couple switches and the ABPA technology does the rest. They are capable of making remedies, cloning energies and homeopathics and can also transmit frequencies to remote subjects from the GB-4000, F-Scan, F165, SE-5, QXCI, Rife, Radionic, and other popular devices. The built-in sending unit of both systems broadcasts the energetic patterns and countermeasures generated directly to the subject of your research regardless of distance.

AM3 Matrix and A2 Differences: The basic functions of both the AM3 Matrix and A2 Systems are the same. The AM3 Matrix System is specifically designed for practitioners who want a convenient system to use with their clients. Clients can rest comfortably on the electromagnetic mat while the frequency patterns are being automatically applied. NAET professionals have found the AM3 Matrix System particularly effective for clients.

ABPA Bio-Photon technology is based on "Bell's Theorem" and the work of Cleve Baxter whose experiments proved the existence of Quantum Entanglement and non-local particle interaction or what Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance."