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ABPA Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer Research Videos - Nearly 14 hours on 1 USB Drive

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ABPA Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer Technology Research Videos.

Nearly 14 hours of research videos on 1 USB Drive.

This USB Thumb Drive contains about Nearly 14 hours of videos collected over the past 20 years regarding the technology and use of the ABPA A2 Instruments. It contains lectures and workshops by the original inventor, Dr. Alan Back and other researchers who have used or are currently using ABPA technology. It contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in or considering the purchase of an ABPA instrument.

The video files are in MP4 format which is the currently acceptable format for all computers including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The style of the USB drive varies depending on the stock we have on hand.

All of the included ABPA research video files should easily play on both Apple Mac and Windows computers. If your computer is having trouble playing any format video file, we suggest that you install the POT Player which is available free and will easily play most any type of media file.

If you purchase an ABPA Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer, we will credit you back your $39.95 Thumb Drive purchase price.

This listing is for one ABPA Research VIdeo USB Thumb/Flash drive. ABPA Instrument not included.

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