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ABPA SENSOR Vortex Energy Plate

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This is our very popular ABPA SENSOR Frequency Imprinting Plate based on Scalar Wave Biomagnetic Field research The "Sensor" design is essentially a vortexed pyramid design which was made popular by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in the 1970's. This particular design is thought to be very effective in concentrating positive or beneficial energy and blocking or randomizing negative or detrimental energy. Includes use guidelines.

Also, the ABPA SENSOR plate is specially designed to fit perfectly in the OUTPUT WELL of the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments to greatly boost and enhance the energy output of the Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer Instruments.

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Copper Tracings

Stand alone operation

Powerful Toroidal Vortex Design

Small-sized: Diameter 4.0" (102 mm)


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