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QS-30 Quantum Scalar Wave Hyper-Dimensional Imprinting Plate - Large

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This is the new 2023 QS-30 Large Quantum Scalar Universal Vortex Imprinting Plate and Hyper-Dimensional Antenna used worldwide by energy researchers, farms, ranches, agricultural operations, and radionic practitioners for geometrically coherent transmission and/or imprinting of energy, frequencies, and patterns.

How are the Quantum Scalar Wave signals and mood tones generated and emitted without a speaker?

The Quantum Scalar Wave frequencies and mood tones are generated electronically using very precise solid state technology. The electronic signals are delivered from a source device (such as a frequency generator or audio device) to a Quantum Scalar Wave Hyper-Dimensional coil antenna (our proprietary design which is an improved version of the bifilar coil first patented by the father of modern electricity - Nikola Tesla - in 1894.) The resulting output is a low frequency field that generates a feeling of calm, relaxed awareness to permeate a space without interfering with normal conversations or activities.

Size: H 10.5" (267 mm) - W 8.25" (209 mm).

Beautiful copper tracings enhanced with high power, triangular, gold-plated neodymium magnets. Includes 3.5 mm standard stereo cable for connection to a wide variety of devices. Measures 8" by 10". Ours exclusive!


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