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GS-72 Golden Section Star Broadcast and Imprinting Plate for GB-4000 and Other Frequency Generators without GB-4000 purchase

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This is the latest 2024 broadcast technology for use with the GB-4000 or SR-4 Amplifier, ours exclusive!. The GS-72 Broadcast and Imprinting Plate connects easily to the BNC jack on the rear of the GB-4000. Once connected simply run your frequencies or Auto Channel program of choice in RF Mode and the chosen frequencies are broadcast through the air in an effective radius of approximately 18 feet.

How are the Quantum Scalar Wave signals and mood tones generated and emitted without a speaker?

The Quantum Scalar Wave frequencies and mood tones are generated electronically using very precise solid state technology. The electronic signals are delivered from a source device (such as a frequency generator or audio device) to a Quantum Scalar Wave Hyper-Dimensional coil antenna (our proprietary design which is an improved version of the bifilar coil first patented by the father of modern electricity - Nikola Tesla - in 1894.) The resulting output is a low frequency field that generates a feeling of calm, relaxed awareness to permeate a space without interfering with normal conversations or activities.

The GS-72 utilizes the latest detailed vortex Golden Ratio geometry technology. The GS-72 can also be used for imprinting frequencies into physical objects such as water, food, homeopathic remedies, liquids, supplements, vitamins, jewelry, crystals, and other similar materials. The GS-72 is available for purchase only from this website. 11" H x 8.4" W. (9 oz.)


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