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AcuCoil - The Most Powerful and Effective Frequency Generator Hand Coils - New for 2024!

  • $ 27000

Our new AcuCoils (8-gauge solid copper wire, exclusively ours) are now available after several years of research and testing. Upgrade your frequency instrument, Rife machine, or Zapper to the latest, more effective technology.

Combines Slim Spurling's Acu-Vac Cubit Coil Technology with the capability of modern frequency generators.

Using our exclusive AcuCoils with your electrotherapy device just became significantly more effective!

Our AcuCoils connect to most any common frequency generator, Rife instrument, or Zapper using standard 4mm banana jacks. They connect perfectly to the GB-4000, Life Force 2000, Energy Wellness, AstroPulse, F165, TrueRife, BCX Ultra, ProWave 101, Hulda Clark Zapper, and many others.

Our AcuCoils are a superior alternative to the older stainless steel hand cylinders and foot plates commonly used with many instruments. Their design is a combination of Slim Spurling's Acu-Vac Coil, Tesla Energy Coil design, and Ancient Geometry's Egyptian Royal Cubit.


Breakthrough, Massively Effective, Innovative Design . . .

The energy from the frequency generator instrument is directed, or channeled through, the carefully-wound spiral copper coil in an "imploding vortex motion" and then directed straight up through the center of the coil creating an energetic feedback loop. The solid copper bead at the top of the coil array is designed to direct negative, pain-causing energy away from the user.

Our AcuCoils are constructed of massive 8-gauge solid copper wire which is rigid, yet  flexible enough to conform to the user's hand shape. The unique design produces a significantly dense "tensor" field.


Our AcuCoils are substantial, durable, and precisely hand-crafted in our professional Colorado machine shop. The coils are well-made using the finest quality copper material. They are designed and crafted to exponentially enhance the capability and effectiveness of any frequency generator or electrotherapy device.

Size: 1.0 inch diameter, 4.5 inch length.

Connection type: Standard 4mm banana jack.

Price: $270 (set of 2). Cables NOT included.

And . . . they are a work of art!

NOTE: The frequency instruments (GB-4000, Life Force 2000, AstroPulse, Zapper, etc) and connecting cables shown in the included listing photographs are NOT included and are shown for informational and illustrative purposes only. This listing is for a PAIR (SET OF 2) AcuCoils.

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