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Silent Frequency Broadcast Plate and Bifilar Imprinting Technology

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This is the Silent Frequency and Music Broadcasting Plate and Hyper-Dimensional Antenna and Imprinter that is small, portable, novel, and easy to use. Mounted to the top side is a standard 3.5 mm output jack, which makes it universally connectable to most any audio source (CD players, iPads, iPhones, iPods, MP3 Players, and other smartphones).

This device is a product of continuing research and inventiveness which covers a variety of Quantum Field Technology systems.

This Broadcast and Imprinting Plate can be used to imprint frequencies into water, liquids, homeopathic vials, supplements, and numerous other mediums using Quantum Field Technology.

The 2 black objects at the upper end of the plate are Quartz Crystal Induction Oscillator Coils which are the primary amplifiers for the field technology.

How are the Quantum Scalar Wave signals and mood tones generated and emitted without a speaker?

The Quantum Scalar Wave frequencies and mood tones are generated electronically using very precise solid state technology. The electronic signals are delivered from a source device (such as a frequency generator or audio device) to a Quantum Scalar Wave Hyper-Dimensional coil antenna (our proprietary design which is an improved version of the bifilar coil first patented by the father of modern electricity - Nikola Tesla - in 1894.)

The resulting output is a low frequency forced field that generates a feeling of calm, relaxed awareness to permeate a space without interfering with normal conversations or activities. This harmonious field passes through any living tissue which reactivates the cell structure to a healthy vibration.

It also connects easily to notebook and desktop computers, radionic instruments, homeopathic imprinters, homeopathic remedy makers, and frequency instruments such as the GB-4000. Includes 3.5 mm standard stereo cable for connection to a wide variety of devices. Ours exclusive! The size of this Silent Frequency Broadcast and Imprinting Plate is 3 1/4" L x 2.0" W. Very portable!


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