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Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuits - New for 2024 - One of the Most Popular Bio-Energy Tools in the World!

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What are BioCircuits?

BioCircuits were created nearly a century ago by Leon Eeman, a pilot for the British Royal Air Force who was seriously injured when his plane malfunctioned on take-off. He recovered sufficiently to resume flying for another three years, but in 1918 he was forced back into the hospital with pain and an array of symptoms stemming from the original injury.

Over the next year, he spent time in 5 different hospitals but found no effective therapies to relieve the severe head and spinal pain, unrelenting insomnia, and exhaustion that he was experiencing. Eeman came to the realization that if he were to recover it would have to be by his own efforts and it was to this goal that he devoted himself.

Taking inspiration from the Biblical injunction to “heal the sick by laying on of hands”, Eeman began to explore the nature of the energy that could be transmitted from one person’s hands to the body of another. Instead of traditional medical treatment, he invented a simple device by which any person could transmit energy to his own body by merely lying down on copper plates or copper screens. In essence, the device connects various points of one’s own body to facilitate the circulation of one’s own energy. Eeman originally called it a ‘relaxation circuit’.

Known today by various names such as ‘BioCircuits’, ‘Eeman Circuits’, or ‘Eeman screens’, the basic circuit consists of 2 Copper Wires (insulated), 2 Copper Plates, 1 Copper Rod, and 1 Zinc Rod. On one end of the Copper Wire, a Copper Plate is attached, and on the other end of the wire a Copper Rod is attached. On one end of the OTHER Copper Wire, a Copper Plate is attached, and on the other end of the wire a Zinc Rod is attached.

Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuits

Our Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuits are an improved and enhanced version of Eeman’s original design. Our Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuit rods consist of one Copper Rod and one Zinc Rod (which according to ancient Egyptian texts, the use of dis-similar metals creates an approximate one-volt energy differential in the body which greatly accelerates energy flow). Our Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuit Plates are designed in a precise Vortex Sensor shape, which according to Dr. Patrick Flanagan, is the perfect shape for powerful harmonious energy movement.

The Quantum BioCircuits function by connecting positive and negative parts of the body to create a flow of bioenergy within one’s own body. Users have reported success in reducing pain, preventing stressors, and speeding recovery from stress, fatigue, allergies, and pain due to previous or current injuries. There is no scientific basis for making any medical claims for these devices. However, these experiences lead us to believe that Quantum BioCircuits are profoundly effective in pain reduction, energy balancing, healing, promoting a deep state of relaxation, and heightened states of awareness.

Our Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuits Package includes 2 24K Gold-Plated Sensor BioCircuit Plates, 2 Copper Connecting Wires, 2 Rods (1 Copper and 1 Zinc which are the same materials used by the early Egyptians in their Rods of RA or Rods of Pharaoh), and 1 sheet of Use Suggestions.

Our Quantum Gold Sensor BioCircuit plates measure 9.00 inches (228 mm) in diameter.

Well made - USA construction.

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