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Quantum Polarizer, Cosmic Energy Concentrating & Polarizing Multi-Wave Antenna

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Quantum Polarizer - Cosmic Energy Concentrating and Polarizing Antenna

The ultimate tool for re-balancing natural cellular oscillating rhythm

Our most inexpensive, yet highly effective energy tool!

The Quantum Polarizer is a Longitudinal/Scalar wave antenna designed according to the well-researched energy principles of Georges Lakhovsky, Nikola Tesla, and Tom Bearden's "Energy From The Vacuum" discoveries. The Quantum Polarizer is an improved and miniaturized, personal version of the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) Antenna developed by Georges Lakhovsky for the purpose of rejuvenating unhealthy cells by causing them to oscillate at a healthy vibrational rate.

The Quantum Polarizer is an experimental gold-plated disk for self healing which captures natural cosmic energy from the environment thereby enabling cells to regain "healthy” molecular oscillation, which aids and promotes self-healing. The Quantum Polarizer may be placed on painful areas of the body, acupuncture points, or chakra points for helpful pain reduction, stress relief, and re-balancing of energy pathways.

The Quantum Polarizer may also be carried on your person in a pocket or purse to assist in relief from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies such as WIFI, cell phones, smart meters, and microwave transmission towers.

The Quantum Polarizer is also effective for many other uses around the home.

  • Plant Growth Stimulation: placing the plate under a plant helps to promote healthy plant growth
  • Energize water: Users have reported that placing the Quantum Polarizer beneath a glass of drinking water is an excellent way to energize, polarize, and detoxify the water
  • Energize food: Users have reported that placing the Quantum Polarizer under a plate of food improves the taste and energy of food
  • Carry in your pocket for personal protection from harmful EMR, WIFI, Cell Phones, Microwave Towers, and Smart Meters
  • Place the Quantum Polarizer directly on the body where pain is present. Many users report fast pain relief in minutes
  • Place the Quantum Polarizer under your pillow at night for more deep and restful sleep
  • Energize vitamins, minerals, and other supplements by placing them on the Quantum Polarizer for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Practitioners: Place homeopathic, isopathic and other remedies on the Quantum Polarizer for additional energy infusion and super-charging effects

The Quantum Polarizer measures 2-1/8 inches (54 mm) in diameter. It is made of high-quality commercial resin with 13 circular, pure gold-plated concentric circles, each having a portion of open partition. And each open partition is exactly opposite the previous circle's open partition.

Gold Tracings - Violet Background Base Layer
Stand alone
Powerful Classic Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator Design
Small-sized: Diameter 2.2" (54 mm)



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